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How Rampyari Gurjar lead 40,000 women warriors and drove Timur Lang out of India with Jograj Singh Gurjar saving India for the next 150 years : Forgotten history of warriors that defeated Timur

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This is the story of brave women warriors of India who fought alongside the men, against the Turco-Mongol army of Timur Langr( Iron in Chagatai language) ,the mass murdering invader who plundered Delhi and slaughtered thousands of innocent Indians throughout his Indian campaign. The barbaric invader Timur wanted to subjugate and enslave all of India with his massive army but it was forgotten Indian heroes like Rampyari Gurjar and Jograj Singh Gurjar who fought this army of ruthless barbarians and chased them out of India in such a devastating way that none of these invaders dared to attack india for the next 150 years(before Babur-Timur’s Great Grandson entered India).

Background: Mass murderer Timur who was obsessed with killing infidels(non-muslims)

We can only imagine why we haven’t heard this story?     

Timur or Tamerlane, the founder of Timurid Emprie was born in Transoxiana (present day Uzbekistan) on 9 April 1336. Through his conquest of Persia, Egypt, Central Asia and Delhi Sultanate he emerged as the most powerful ruler in the Muslim world. He was a religious fanatic like the rest of the Islamic invaders that tried to invade India.

He was from the Barlas Mongolian tribe. In 1398, he decided to invade India. He had heard about India’s wealth and had a desire to conquer India which his ancestor like Genghis khan couldn’t do.

In his autobiography Timur had stated “My object in the invasion of Hindustan is to lead an expedition against the Infidels; to convert them to the true faith of Islam and purify the land itself from the filth, infidelity and polytheism”.

Sack Of Delhi and the genocides done by Timur’s forces

An artists impression: the sack of delhi

After Firoz Shah’s death in 1388, the Delhi sultanate was trapped into political infighting. In 1398 Mallu Iqbal khan swept away his rivals and secured his hold on Delhi under Muhammad Shah Tughlaq.

Timur initially sent his grandson Pir Muhammad to attack Indain frontier. In December 1397, Pir Muhammed invaded multan and defeated Mallu Iqbal’s brother but the city provided resistance and Pir Muhammad requested aid from his grandfather.

Timur left Samarkand in March 1398 with 90,000 – 1,00,000 men’s largely Turkic troops. They crossed Indus in September where he split his army in two divisions. One division was for reinforcing Pir Muhammad and the other proceeded with Timur.

Timur sacked, looted and plundered the incoming cities and villages and in October he reunited with Pir Muhammad. He then moved to Bhatner fort and defeated the Rajput Rao Dulichand who was the protector of the fort. Women and children were enslaved while the rest were slaughtered by the invader. The fort was also destroyed and the whole town was burned.

On 16 December Timur’s army attacked and sack Delhi. They kill all the prisoners of war and burn whoever was left. It is estimated that he had massacred 100000 people in a single day, plundered temples, looted everything and created pyramid in several places with the skulls of the native people.

Fleeing citizens of Delhi after Timur’s sack of delhi

Raising of the Mahapanchayat army to save India from Timur

During this time, Devpala was the leader of region which consisted of Meerut, Saharanpur, parts of Haryana and Haridwar. They were fully aware about Timur’s invasion and had kept close eye on their movement.

A Mahapanchayat was organized under Devpala in 1398. Leaders from almost every community and caste united to fight against the invading Timurid army. Jats, Gurjars, Valmikis, Rajputs, Brahmins etc came forward to save their home and family from being slaughtered.

While Timur was in Delhi the Mahapanchayat chose Mahabali Jograj Singh Gurjar as their Supreme General.

20 years old Rampyari Gurjar was made the Commander of the women wing. Within a short period of time an army of 80000 men and 40000 women were raised to give the invaders their own medicines.

Other Generals were Harbir Singh Gulia Jat, Dhula Valmiki, Durjanpal Ahir, Tuhiram Rajput, Manchand Gurjar, Umra Tyagi and Hula Nai.

Knowing the military leadership of Timur and the technical superiority of his army ,it was decided not to face the invaders in open ground and use Guerilla tactics against them.

Elders and Children would be shifted to safe places and villages would be emptied. The Mahapanchayat’s spies brought the news that Timur would be advancing towards Meerut.

Soon after this all the 80000 men and 40000 women warriors assembled for the final showdown.

Rampyari Gurjar divided her women army into several units. She ordered them to provide necessary supply of war material to the men during combat, few women’s were given the task of providing food supplies for the entire unit. She decided that her women warriors would fight along with the men while some will look to attack the food supply of the invading army in order to break their morale and the rest will attack using Guerilla warfare.  

Mahabali Jograj Singh Gurjar, who lead the Mahapanchayat army. He was more than 7 feet tall and was known for his immense strength (mahabali)

To motivate their soldiers Jograj Singh Gurjar addressed the army with these words:

Veeroh, reflect on the discourse given by Shri Krishna to Arjun in the Bhagavad Gita. For us the door to heaven(moksha) has been opened. That moksha, which the Rishi Munis achieve by doing Yoga, the hero warriors achieve by sacrificing their lives on the battlefield. Save the nation! that is sacrifice yourself & the world will honor you. You have chosen me the leader. To my last breath, I will not withdraw. I salute the Panchayat, and take oath that until my last breath I will defend the soil of Bharat. Our nation has been shaken by the crimes and attacks of Timur. Warriors arise and do not delay. Fight the enemy army and throw them out of the nation’.  

(quoted from Saffron swords)

Main Battle: Massive Invader army vs self Organised Natives of Hindustan

The army of Mahapanchayat launched a surprise attack on Timur’s army in the middle of the night while he was in Delhi. A total of 20000 brave soldiers attacked the invaders. It is believed that the Indians were able to kill 9000 soldiers of Timur and their dead bodies were thrown in Yamuna.

Timur was completely unprepared for this war and when he realize about the damage the Mahapanchayat soldiers disappeared from Delhi. These types of raid continued for three days and Timur decided to leave Delhi and prepared to advance towards Meerut.

When Timurid army reached Meerut they found empty village and there was nothing for them. All the food resources and precious belongings that can be helpful for the invaders were taken away by the locals. The Timurid army felt restless.

At night , Rampyari Gurjar attacked the enemy camps and her forces were able to capture their food supplies. They looted every single resources which can be helpful for their enemy. The enemy soldiers were caught completely unprepared which resulted in a complete disaster for the invaders.

Next day the Timurid army were prepared for such raids and were able to provide some resistance to the Indians. There were casualties from both sides.

Timur then decided to march towards Haridwar. It is believed that Timur was defeated three times in Haridwar. One incident that worth mentioning is that in the last battle a 22 year old Harbir Singh Gulia Jat was able to hit Timur on his chest with a spear. Timur was greatly injured and fell from his horse. It was his army’s commander Khijra, who managed to save him.

During this engagement Timur soldiers were able to injured the brave Jat. Jograj Singh Gurjar took Harbir Singh in safe place but the brave jat attained martyrdom soon after .

Aftermath & Signifance of the battle for Indians

Timur was badly injured and decided to retreat. The battle fought at Haridwar is mentioned in Timur’s biography. It is believed that from having 92000 soldiers Timur only returned with few thousands.

About 30000-40000 both men and women warriors of Bharat Mara attained martyrdom.

This ferocious battle which Indians/Hindus fought for saving their country from the islamic invasion of the mass murderer Timu Lang rarely finds any mention in Indian history books and is another forgotten story of the valor of Indian warriors that has been ignored by our Modern “Historians”. Share this story with everyone you know so that the names of Rampyari Gurjar & Jograj singh gurjar become familiar to every Indians and they get to know about their glorious ancestors.

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