Maharaja Surajmal

Maharaja Surajmal: Hindu Jat King who fought countless battles against invaders

Maharaja Surajmal was born on 13 February 1707. This is the same date in history on the day when Aurangzeb died. King Surajmal is taken with great pride among the kings who have a special place in north India for giving a befitting reply to the invasion of the Mughals. He was the son of Raja Badan Singh. Maharaja Surajmal was a skilled administrator, visionary, and a wealthy emperor of diplomacy. Surajmal had become everyone’s favorite in Braj Pradesh due to his bravery from adolescence.

Rajput King who stopped Mahmud Ghazni in India

Who defeated Ghazni in India? Chandela Rajput King Vidhyadhara and his resistance to Mahmud Ghazni- Battle of Bundelkhand

Who defeated Mahmud of Ghazni in India?Why did Ghazni never successfully establish his rule over this wealthy land. It is because of the fact that he met a stiff resistance wherever he went. Although overcoming some of them, his expedition in 1018 met an end at the hands of a Rajput king of South India- King Vidhyadhara Chandela, of the Chandela Rajput dynasty .