Bappa Rawal: Saga of a Forgotten Rajput Hero:

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The Royal Rajput of Mewar had a remarkable history. The only Rajput clan that never compromised with the foreign invaders and relentlessly pushed back every one of them.

The Rajputs of Mewar and also of Jaisalmer as mentioned by Col James Tod were the only clans that gave a befitting reply to the foreign invaders and protected their independence for over 8 centuries.

This is the untold story of Bappa Rawal.

The name of Rana Hammir, Rana Kumbha, Rana Sanga, and the great Rana Pratap is still alive among the people of Mewar. Their sacrifices, chivalry, and determination in protecting the people, their religion, and the country’s culture are immense.

Bappa Rawal: Rise of An Audacious King

The great Bappa Rawal was the founder of this majestic and tenacious Kshatriya Rajput kingdom. He is still remembered in the folklores of Mewar for his indomitable courage and chivalry.

He conquered the Arabs and even them out of the Indian subcontinent.

Image of Bappa Rawal

It is noted that none of the Mewar chiefs submitted to the Mogul empire entirely or ever attended the Delhi Durbar. Even under British rule, the Mewar prince did not attend the last Delhi Darbar.

C.V. Vaidya had described the personality of this legendary king as the Charles Martel of India who disintegrated the Arabs into pieces. Charles Martel also defeated the Arabs.

Initially, Bappa Rawal was the minor prince under king Mori of Chittor. He ruled the small state of Nagada (Nagahrada). He belonged to the Guhila family of Rajputs. He was also a devotee of Lord Shiva.

Like his descendants and future Indian kings like Shivaji Maharaj, Bappa Rawal was also a strong follower of Sanatan Dharma. When the Arabs conquered Sindh in 712 CE under the leadership of Mohammad bin Qassim the inner kingdom of the Subcontinents became their next target.

Arabs marched towards the kingdom of Moris of Chittor. It is believed that they augmented large forces and harass the Moris. The Navasari Chalukya Grant of 739-740 mentions that the Arabs attacked the Maurya (probably referred to as Chittor), Chavotaka, Kachchha, etc.

Harita a sage advised Bappa to go to Chittor and join the service of Mori and fight against the Melchas which were infamous for breaking Hindu temples and idols.

Soon after this Bappa Rawal due to his military leadership and unshakable bravery was given the command of the army to counter the Arabs.

Frontier Against Arabs

According to many historians, it is widely accepted that the king of Mori died childlessly, and due to this Bappa ascended the throne of Chittor and founded the Guhils Rajput kingdom.

When he died he became a devotee as stated by the Ekalinga inscription. He abdicated the throne in 763 and ascended in 713. The Arabs invaded the Maurya kingdom before 738 and according to the Navasari inscription, Bappa accession maybe around 740 or earlier in 730. His rule lasted for 33 years.

King of Mewar the Great Bappa Rawal

Junayd became the leader of the Arabs and marched into the western Rajputana. Here a series of wars were fought which now are known as the “Battles of Rajasthan”.

Note: It is also believed that Bappa used the terrain of Rajputana as a strategic point to defeat and chase the invader out of his country. Today the name of this great king is taken with huge respect as he is considered to be the first king of Mewar who wiped out the Arabs.  

Bappa Rawal unified the various small kingdoms and augmented a strong Hindu alliance against the Arabs. The Hindu army of Bappa Rawal badly defeated the Arabs and even chased them out of India.

According to legends, it is believed that Bappa Rawal set up a military base at Rawalpindi and liberated Sindh from Arabs. But the sad part is that the name of this audacious Hindu Rajput king is known outside the boundaries of Rajasthan.

It is up to us to bring the history of real heroes of this country who acted as a bulwark and shielded the nation from disintegration.


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